Where great minds come together.

Sharing ideas. Inspiring Next Generation Leaders. Making an impact.

Scrum Day Bandung 2018 is an exclusive and intense 1-day business agility & modern management with Scrum framework conference.

Scrum Day Bandung 2018 will be more than just a conference. We think it is a regional gathering for like minded people who wish to make a change in management. At Scrum Day Bandung we will implement some of the feedback that we have received from the previous series.

Scrum Day Bandung is one of that event in 2018 you do not want to miss.

Scrum Day Bandung is where great minds come together. Scrum Day Bandung is a perfect place to be for leaders, managers and change agents who have concerns about business agility and profesionalism in software delivery ecosystem to meet, exchange experiences and support each other. Unlike other conferences where participants only leave the event with information or knowledge, at Scrum Day Bandung participants will feel inspired and empowered to make changes in their respective companies knowing that others will walk alongside them.


Who should attend

Corporate Leaders (C-Level)

Corporate leaders has a vital role to initiate change towards Agility and make the change persistent in the company. Corporate leaders attending this conference are expected to be inspired and bring an Agile mindset and support professionalism in their respective companies.

Product Owners and Product Managers

Product Owner is a business manager who is responsible to define the vision of the product and maximise the value of the product. Product Owner has the entrepreneurship mindset and has been empowered by the company to lead the product development and to optimise the value of the product.

Scrum Masters (Coaches)

Scrum Master is a manager who is responsible to lead the change towards Agility in the company. Besides Agile mindset, Scrum Master has professionalism over deadline mindset and has been empowered to be the agent of change and coach everyone in the company so that the company can move towards Agility.


Managers role is very important and can not be ignored in Agile transformation. Any managers who are not Scrum Masters and not Scrum Product Owners are invited to join us. The higher your position in the organisation, the more you need to attend this conference.

People and Culture

Culture is important for Agility. Those who are responsible to fine-tune organisation culture to be agile are definitely welcomed to attend this event.

Why should I attend

You need to attend this conference because we see management role in turning an organisation to be Agile and maintaining Agile culture is pivotal and can not be underestimated. Agility requires a different mindset and a different management model. The higher up your position in the organisation structure, the more you need to attend this conference. Change is hard. Change requires humility, courage and persistence. But change is required in software development ecosystem in Indonesia today. And as a manager you have the resources to help us make a change in the ecosystem by making a change in the organisation you are leading. If you see that software development ecosystem in your organisation needs to change like we do, then come and join us by attending this 1-day conference.

What will I get


Scrum Day Bandung does not only offer you information and knowledge. We are working hard to offer you a unique experience that you will not get in other conferences held in Indonesia. The session has been designed so that you will feel excited, inspired and empowered to make changes in the company. By attending Scrum Day Bandung you will experience being part of the historical moment in software development ecosystem in Indonesia where all attendants will stand up for professionalism in software development.


Scrum Day Bandung is packed with inspiring speakers, well-trained & experienced Scrum coaches and energetic & positive minded people. Scrum Day Bandung is where like minded people share ideas and challenges in turning an organisation to move towards Agility using Scrum. After Scrum Day Bandung you will get lots of inspiration to start making changes in your organisation to make it Agile. You will also be part of a change agent network that will support you in making changes in your company.


Scrum Day Bandung is where energetic & positive minded people who believe in Agility come and meet together to share their experiences implementing Scrum. The conference is not only a great event to be inspired and get unique experience, it is also a great event

  • to meet software vendors who can offer working in Agile contracts;
  • to meet customers who wants to collaborate and believe in working in Agile contracts;
  • to connect and exchange ideas with other like-minded corporate leaders & managers who already reaped benefits from Agility;
  • to hire great Scrum Masters and Scrum Product Owners;
  • to find companies who has Agile culture embedded in the corporate culture and apply for a job there;
  • to collaborate with other companies to work on the next big thing;

Foods & Beverages

What good is a conference without great foods and great drinks? The conference is an exclusive event at an exclusive venue & one of the most iconic hotel in Bandung. We will work hard to ensure that your stomach is well looked after. Exquisite foods and drinks made by well-known chefs in Bandung will be available throughout the conference.