Scrum Day Bandung 2018


Theme: Service-Based Leadership For Adaptability in the Face Of Global Challenges


Where Great Minds Come Together For A Purpose

Scrum Day Bandung is an exclusive and intense 1-day business agility & modern management conference targeted specifically for leaders and managers. Scrum Day Bandung 2018 theme is Service-Based Leadership for Adaptability In The Face of Global Challenges.

Scrum Day Bandung is where great minds come together. It is a great and lively journey for and by the Agile community and friends of Scrum.

We are not money driven, we’re mission-driven. Our mission is to change the face of software delivery ecosystem in South East Asia. Unlike other conferences where participants will leave the event with information only, at Scrum Day Bandung participants will feel inspired and empowered to make changes in their respective companies knowing that other change agents will support them.

Don’t miss out on¬†interacting with speakers, thought-leaders, coaches and like-minded Scrum practitioners who can share their experiences and lessons learned at Scrum Day Bandung 2018.


IDR 650,000,-
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  • until February 20th 2018
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  • until April 1st 2018

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Who will inspire you

Alamanda Shantika

Alamanda Shantika


Binar Academy

Henry Suryawirawan

Henry Suryawirawan

Senior Consultant

ThoughtWorks Singapore

Dayu Bagus

Dayu Bagus

Scrum Coach

GVM Networks

Joshua Partogi

Joshua Partogi

Author, Scrum Coach, Visual Recorder

Agility Path Pty Ltd

The tracks to Agility

1How to coach your CxO effectively09:45 - 10:45Room 3
2Transforming Traditional HR to be Scrum friendly10:00 - 10:45Room 3
3Let's Generate more Women in Agile LeadershipAlamanda Shantika 13:00 - 14:00Room 1
4How Servant Leadership Can Help Your Business WinDayu Bagus 14:15-15:15Main Stage
1Remove waste in product design using Scrum and Lean UX09:45 - 10:45Room 1
2KPI for Measuring Product Delivery & Scrum TeamJoshua Partogi 11:00 - 12:00Main Stage
3How to define MVP and Product Roadmap13:00 - 14:00Room 2
4Build the right product using Scrum and Design Sprint14:15 - 15:15Room 2
1Scrum and Kanban to Increase flow of deliveryJoshua Partogi 09:45 - 10:45Room 2
2Scrum and DevOps: get the best of both11:00 - 12:00Room 2
3Have Fun with Test Driven DevelopmentHenry Suryawirawan 13:00-14:00Main Stage
4Mindmapping Driven Testing14:15-15:15Room 3
1Agile Contracts: Win-Win for Customer & Vendor09:45-10:45Main Stage
2Planning Organisation Path to Agility11:00-12:00Room 1
3Management & Leadership Role in Agility14:15-15:15Room 1

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